Wednesday, 22 May 2013

media cases/stories where parents prayed instead of taking their kids to the doctor and the kids died

here's a non-comprehensive list of cases where parents tried praying instead of taking their kids to the doctor, then the kids died:

Raffield (name of the police officer in the case since the parents were unnamed):

add more if you know of any others :)


  1. hey man been reading through your blog and your eclectic interests and find it interesting. Just curious as you seem to be a rationalist and skeptical thinker now--given your statements on church life and such--so what are your opinions on your former experiences with goetia/magick and such? do you think that's all bunk too or is there some actual present force out there? Just curious as you seem like a knowledgeable guy but also a straight shooter, and a man who uses reason. So any final thoughts on paranormal after all your experiences?

    1. hey rey, on account of my experiments with goetia/magick, i concluded that it was no different than religion. lot's of anecdotal "evidence" by other practitioners and experiences that are most easily explained by modern psychology and science, in general.