Friday, 13 July 2012

are ex-mormons motivated to tell lies about the mormon church?

here's a nice response by Sue, President of the Exmormon Foundation:
"Some Exmormons have great anger towards the church at first because they feel they made many life decisions based on history and traditions they have found to be false.  Some do write about the church, but the number is a miniscule percentage of the numbers who leave.  Former Mormons get angry also about fabrications that may be said or written about the church.  They would be the first to want accuracy in accounts about the church, and know that no one needs to write fabrications to hurt the church.  The truth in people's stories and in documented history about the church itself is ample evidence of problems with the church and it's history."
I completely agree. If you simply read the mormon church's history, you'll find plenty of problems, lies and contradictions to serve as evidence that its claims are false. If you've grown up in the church, you'll also find loads of scandalous information that you were never taught in church. There is simply no need to make up lies about the mormon church, just read their history.

history of the church:

journal of discourses:

here's a real-life example of exmormon "leadership" (Sue, President of the Exmormon Foundation) refuting anti-mormon commentary because it contains lies/fabrications:

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