Thursday, 10 May 2012

female genital mutilation is a matter of changing *women's* way of thinking according to sudanese doctor

Sudanese surgeon Nahid Toubia—president of RAINBO (Research, Action and Information Network for the Bodily Integrity of Women) —told the BBC in 2002 that campaigning against FGM involved trying to change women's consciousness: "By allowing your genitals to be removed [it is perceived that] you are heightened to another level of pure motherhood—a motherhood not tainted by sexuality and that is why the woman gives it away to become the matron, respected by everyone. By taking on this practice, which is a woman's domain, it actually empowers them. It is much more difficult to convince the women to give it up, than to convince the men."[25][26] Boyle writes that the Masai of Tanzania will not call a woman "mother" when she has children if she is uncircumcised.[27]

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