Monday, 27 June 2011

the equinox volume 3 number 10 book review

to apply for the OTO here in norway i was told to read the equinox vol. III no. 10. i had already the book of the law and didnt really get anything out of it. i like the idea of pursuing/testing religion/mysticism using the scientific method, but it's hard for me to get past a couple of things i read in the first chapter "the master therion":

page 16

The climax of their dealings with him came in the weeks immediately
preceding and following the Spring Equinox of 1924 E.V. At this time
he lay sick unto death. He was entirely alone; for They would even
permit the presence of those few whom They had themselves appointed to
aid him in this final initiation. In this last ordeal the earthly part
of him was dissolved in water; the water was vaporized into air; the
air was rarified utterly, until he was free to make the last effort,
and to pass into the vast caverns of the Threshold which guards the
Realm of Fire. Now naught human may come through those immensities. So
in that Fire he was consumed wholly, and as pure Spirit alone did he
return, little by little, during the months that followed, into the
body and mind that had perished in that great ordeal of which he can
say no more than: I died.

But these six months being accomplished, a certain Virgin came forth
at the bidding of the Secret Chiefs, at whose touch he resumed contact
with his human life.

Her he conveyed swiftly to the Desert of the Sahara, that in silent
communion with her Soul he might become aware of the intimate nature
of his Work for the Masters; for she was verily a symbol of the Virgin
Bride, whose redemption is the mystery of the Perpetuation of the

do thelemites really believe this? aleister crowley was vaporized, died, then brought back to the flesh by a virgin? come-the-fuck-on.

the next thing that bothered me was something in the oath:

page 18

that i will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul

how completely unscientific. after reading these two things i haven't had the motivation to read on. maybe i will, maybe i wont.


  1. Crowley had a thing for the grandiose, for sure. I would hope that the text is meant to be taken as metaphorical, though with his sense of humor I'm sure he'd have gotten a kick out of people taking it literally.

  2. Couldn't agree more, such complete egotistical, self serving drivel! not only a "MAN" with illusions of grandeur but oh so bloody delusional, if Mr. C were alive today people would view him as an eccentric but 'clever' yet convoluted, pathetic hypocrite that would aspire to the contemporary layman's philosophy of "Sex Drugs & Rock and Roll!.. OMG, grow some balls of individuality you stupid sheep (off to the slaughter), and sniff your own balls unashamed, without the great prophets permission. OTO members have the audacity to mockingly point the finger accusing other religions by saying, 'They have no freedom & must adhere to strict congregational codes or be met with strict discipline'! Contradictions abound dear thelemites. HAHA if it wasn't so damn serious! You guys are a joke! I've studied religious teachings for 26yrs including yrs of personal research and a brief formal involvement with the OTO but thankfully now i have my own individuality being unreliant on others to program my own creativity, spiritual awareness, path, destiny etc etc, call it what you will! I cherish every moment with my children and grandchildren in the true sense of the greek word "agape"! Just enjoy life for fuck sake knowing we are all an integral part of the harmonious vastness of this awesome universe where sadly it isn't enough for many so called intellects.. David, Sth. Australia