Sunday, 6 February 2011

christianity and homosexuality

a nice comment by billpeet on Religious freedom under siege, Mormon leader says:
Question for religious people regarding your disapproval of homosexuality:

Why does your god create hermaphradites (people born with both male and female genitalia)?

Obviously, your god deliberately and consciously created these people as sexual deviants and biologically abnormal. Should we judge them immoral beings?

And of course, your god also deliberately creates infertile people. These people are clearly not helpful at all in reproducing the species, and cannot further your god's aim to spread his creation throughout the world. Why does he create them, then? Should they be celibate for life, given that their sexual activity is merely for self-gratification, and cannot lead to reproduction?

Obviously, it is not too far a leap to then ask, if your god deliberately created these sexual deviations and abnormalities, why is it fantastical to wonder if he also created homosexuals, as they are? With the two previous examples, it is fairly easy to see the obvious abnormality. But with homosexuality, sexual orientation is within the mind, and not an obvious physical abnormality like a hermaphrodite. But the brain is every bit as physical and biological as any other aspect--why would you pronounce a negative moral judgement, simply because you cannot physically see your god's abnormal choice?

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