Sunday, 31 October 2010

why are lds buildings allowed by god to be burned? aren't they dedicated and blessed to be safe?

that's what someone asked about these mormon church buildings that caught fire

my response:
the priesthood holder who dedicated them was only "speaking as a man" at their dedication... =)

the reason they can get destroyed is because the lds church is a fraud =) there is no protection. its quite simple. the same reason why missionaries can be killed and how the entire first presidency and apostles can be fooled into buying forged documents from mark hofmann =)

if you ask members how these things can happen they simply reply with: "i dont know. all i KNOW is that the church is true"

could you imagine if the mormons ran the nation's judicial system? =) :
prosecutor: "your honor, the dna evidence, video camera footage of Mr. L Dee Ess committing the murder, AND the murder weapon with his fingerprints on it plainly show that the defendant is guilty."
lds judge: "i dont know mr. prosecutor. all i know is that the defendant is a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, the one and true church on the earth, so there is NO WAY that he is guilty."

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