Friday, 3 September 2010

joseph smith jr - married (sealed) to women not even alive in his lifetime

according to joseph smith jr was sealed/married to several women that were not alive during his lifetime. here are the 2 most extreme examples i found:
* Ane Margretha Nielsen, born 5 February 1859 in Onslev, Falster, Denmark. she was born 15 years AFTER he died.
* Dorothy Cotton, born about 1649 in Of, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. she was born 195 years before joseph!
(i have screenshots of these records, i have seen them with my own eyes.)

these are just 2 of his 239+ wives (helen radkey's research) that have been sealed to him in an lds temple.

see also the helen radkey interview:

oh yeah, and emma smith is sealed to 3 different men:
Lewis C Bidamon
Joseph Smith
Don Carlos Smith

you can check it here:

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