Thursday, 26 August 2010

judaism and masturbation - even more disturbing than mormonism's view

in judaism, masturbation is up there with murder (scroll down to number 13).

i recently replied to an article on masturbation at
why does the torah say masturbation is a sin?

but i doubt my reply will get accepted, so here it is:
here's the hebrew source and english transliteration:
compare it with all common english translations

it is a crime against humanity that people teach that this passage in Genesis/Bereshit refers to masturbation. Onan's "sin" was that he was disobedient. think about it logically too, no man would say no to lawful sex and just masturbate instead. he was having intercourse then pulling out of Tamar before ejaculating (coitus interruptus).

it also says *nothing* in the *torah* about what Er did to offend god. your answer is that the *talmud* says it is a sin. the talmud is only commentary, someone's interpretation of e.g. the torah, and here it is completely wrong. the torah does NOT say that masturbation is a sin.

UPDATE 20100829
it looks like my comment was never approved for that article. typical.

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  1. Awesome tidbit that I'll be sure to whip out in conversation at an opportune moment. Thanks =p